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Ok everyone, it’s -15 here in Cleveland, Ohio. We’re expecting 5-8″ of global warming goodness tomorrow in addition to the balmy breeze that brings frostbite. SO, to keep us all from melting via Gore goodness, I bring you the continuing storrrrrrrrrrrry of the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination process. [NOTE: this works best if you have some circus music in an mp3 playing in the background].

For those of you to numb from the stupidity (not the cold ’cause there is no cold-it’s “warming” in DNC newspeak)…here’s what’s happening:

  • Senator Barack Obama has used his fantastic oratory skills to stir everyone who hears him, to get their support, their money, to do so without actually saying much, and without ever having done anything. In the course of doing so, he’s passed Senator Clinton in the delegate count, passed her in the popular vote, financially blowing her away (again, no wind chill analogy here, and not a slam on Clinton Presidential history either), he’s gathering momentum, and if the trends continue he will be near a tie with her at the DNC convention.
  • Senator Clinton has fired her campaign manager, and as a demonstration of the “agent of change” mantra that she’s proclaimed, has hired her old time chief of staff from the years her husband was President. She’s still close to a tie in the delegate and popular votes with Senator Obama, and she’s done so without insulting his oratory skills, but rather complimenting them (probably since any word involving the root of “oral” just sets off her opponents and gets people like Rush Limbaugh downright orgasmic with glee).

So, will it come down to a delegate here or there when the convention rolls around? Will Washington D.C. or the U.S. Virgin Islands decide if an inexperienced (DNC newspeak for “unaccomplished”) Senator from Illinois gets the nomination, OR will Alaska and Hawaii determine if the carpetbagging Clinton/”agent of change” will be nominated to represent the Democratic Party in November? Well, neither. It comes down to a special group of 700+ people anointed by the Democratic Party’s incredibly complex set of special rules. These 700 people are more important than the people who campaigned and voted for either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama. The 700 are more important than the voters of Alaska, Hawaii, Washington D.C., the U.S. Virgin Islands, and a dozen other states all combined. The nomination will be determined by these anointed superdelegates.

This is where it gets fun. Do you know who these “superdelegate “people are? Do you know who the people are that will decide the nominee for the Democratic Party? Like I said, it’s not the voters. It’s people like:

  • former President Carter,
  • former Vice President Al Gore,
  • former President Bill Clinton, and yes,
  • Senator Clinton is a superdelegate too.

I dunno about you, but I get the biggest laugh in the world out of the idea that Jimmy Carter could decide who wins the nomination for the Democratic Party. Given the notorious bad blood between Vice President Al “That’s Hot” Gore and the Clintons (a vestige of the Monica Lewinsky affair), I find it funny to think that she could lose because of how she and her husband handled (no pun intended) his infidelity and dishonorable deeds.

As someone who is a registered Democrat, traditionally voted Democrat, but is clearly a national security conservative, I have raged for years that the Democratic Party is beholden to elitist power brokers bent on partisan domination rather than patriotic dedication. To that end, I find it sad and funny (in a dark humor kinda way) that the nomination of the Democratic Party could go to Senator Clinton based on the votes of her husband, and herself rather than the will of Democrats as expressed in total votes and committed delegate votes. Such an action would divide the party and unequivocally point out the true nature of what it has become in the past 20yrs. Things need to change in the DNC, and this might be the only way.

The funny part? It’s simple. Check out the list of who the superdelegates are, and the list of uncommitted superdelegates. If that doesn’t make one snarf coffee on their monitor, I don’t know what would.

Stay warm

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