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Yep, the left is finally realizing that the anti-war movement is nothing more than a catalyst for anti-Bush activism. People are waking up (years too late, but hangovers are hard to wake up from).

“At long last, the Democratic leaders of Congress have publicly surrendered on the Iraq War, just one year after being swept into power with a firm mandate to end it.”

In the late summer/fall of 2006 when the Democratic Party was trying to take the House of Representatives based largely on the promise that they had a plan for a “New Direction in Iraq,” I questioned it. I doubted it. I found no plan. The only plans for post-war Iraq that I found were a few token 1-2 page brainstorm ideas from a handful of Democratic senators, and the Bush Plans. There was the Bush plan from 2003, the 2004-2005 Bush plan, the updated to 2006 version, and later there’d be the 2007 plan (the Surge). The Democrats had no plan for a New Direction in Iraq. I was lambasted by the left for suggesting that only fools would blindly vote for politicians based on the idea that they might have a plan.

On election night, Howard Dean-the DNC Chairman-admitted to Chris Matthews live on MSNBC that there never was a plan. There was never even a brainstorm committee for an idea on a plan. Why? Because they didn’t want to accept the responsibility for defeat. It’s that pure and simple. If they’d have demanded defeat, and that demand was successful, then they’d own the defeat.

Well, it looks like the left is finally waking up. Thank you Rolling Stone magazine. The Democratic Party is a bunch of Chicken Doves.

“Working behind the scenes, the Democrats have systematically taken over the anti-war movement, [emphasis added-sm]packing the nation’s leading group with party consultants more interested in attacking the GOP than ending the war. “Our focus is on the Republicans,” one Democratic apparatchik in charge of the anti-war coalition declared. “How can we juice up attacks on them?”

Now, I wonder if these writers/music critics will have the courage to perform an introspective look into how they parroted the Democrats’ lies, or if they’ll at least have the nerve to question the lies presented to them from the left in the present and future. In the past, they’ve never had a problem or missed a heartbeat in challenging, doubting, questioning, or even deliberately misleading people about what President Bush and his administration have said and done about the war in Iraq. Yet, they’ve almost never dared question the accountability and/or responsibility of those Democrats who promoted, authorized, funded, supported, and called for more troops in the war. Nope. Those people have a D next to their name, so they got a free pass; no fact-checking, no effort to balance the power, no fairness, nuthin.

So it is, that we come to ask…how did Democrats get elected on promises they so obviously never even planned or brainstormed on meeting? How did Democrats get away with misleading so many? How did they come to use the anti-war movement as Rolling Stone points out? When will people who vote for Democrats hold them accountable for their lies, their misleading, and their deliberate division of America?

“The story of how the Democrats finally betrayed the voters who handed them both houses of Congress a year ago is a depressing preview of what’s to come if they win the White House. And if we don’t pay attention to this sorry tale now, while there’s still time to change our minds about whom to nominate, we might be stuck with this same bunch of spineless creeps for four more years. With no one but ourselves to blame.”

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