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“I’m just going to let the party take me where it takes me. But it sure wont be with Ron Hucking Paul.”
Marie’s Two Cents

Message to the Paul bearers, from your Constitutional Pied Piper:

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) listens to a question during the MTV/MySpace “Closing Arguments” presidential forum at the MTV Times Square Studios in New York City on Saturday.
Scott Gries – Getty Images

“I Can’t Win!…Constitutionally, speaking, of course.”

Game over.

message to the Huckabites:

Your preacher-in-chief needs to do the math…like Romney, it’s a matter of arithmetic:

Can Mitt still win?

Frankly, no – the arithmetic makes it all but impossible

The Republicans have already chosen most of their delegates, and Romney has won only 256 of the 1,417 chosen so far—some 18%.

To get the delegates he needs to lock up the nomination, Romney would not only have to improve his performance, he’d have to become virtually perfect – winning 934 of the 963 delegates who haven’t yet been chosen. Unless all other candidates dropped out of the race, there’s no way anyone will scoop up more than 97% of the delegates remaining. Even if Mitt gives the greatest speech of his life at tomorrow’s conference of CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Committee) he can’t win enough delegates to become this year’s nominee.

Huckabee can only win if hell freezes over. But that’s not going to happen; instead, it’s his campaign that’s frozen over.

A car’s bumper sticker supporting Mike Huckabee is covered in ice in downtown Des Moines, December 11, 2007.
REUTERS/Jason Reed

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