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Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee ducks as his wife Janet, right, hurls a snowball at him outside a polling precinct in Warren, Mich. Polls show Huckabee trailing Mitt Romney and John McCain in the state.
Bill Pugliano – Getty Images

Message to Mike Huckabee: Pull out. It’s over. Do the right thing. Endorse Mitt Romney. A vote for Huckabee at this point, is a vote for McCain.

Of course, it would appear the buzz sent out by e-mail to the Huckabee supporters is that their Pastor-in-Chief will not go quietly into that good night:

We are in this race to win despite the desperate efforts by the Romney campaign to try and say that “a vote for me is a vote for McCain”. Actually, a vote for me is a vote for me!

How selfish! 😉

Read Hugh Hewitt:
Intransigent Huck Voters

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