Posted by Curt on 28 January, 2008 at 8:21 pm. 10 comments already!


How dare we demand that those who come to our country and want to become American citizens learn to speak English! How dare we!

According to McCain that is:

McCain stood in the middle of the GOP cloakroom and yelled at several of his Senate colleagues because they deigned to have a vote — to have a vote — on Inhofe’s “English As the National Language” amendment to the 2006 immigration bill. He accused conservatives of being “divisive” and “insulting” Latinos for suggesting that immigrants ought to learn this language. He was nasty and unhinged. About 10 staffers witnessed this. He delighted in telling the conservative senators there that they were destroying the party with these efforts. This is what Santorum is talking about. He had antipathy for social and cultural conservatives’ efforts.

Man, the guy is an embarrassment.

It’s an insult to tell those who want to live here to learn our freaking language? Amazing.

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