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Ah….the media. Here is a report on Obama where once again they seem to find a Republican who has suddenly seen the light and will vote Dem: (h/t Riehl World View)

Restaurant patron Scott Boyd, a surgeon, told Obama he’s been a lifelong Republican but did not vote in last week’s GOP primary so that he could vote for the Illinois senator in the Democratic primary.

“There is a charisma about him. He seems to represent change. He’s an aggregator, he pulls people together,” Boyd said in an interview.

Lifelong huh? Kinda like this guy?

Checking the donation record of Mr. Boyd shows a different record. Via I found two donation records for Scott Boyd, Surgeon, in SC. One to Alex Sanders, Democrat:


And one for Jim Demint, Republican:


Doing a search across the country I could find no other Scott Boyd, surgeon, donations. So what does this tell us? He is no life long Republican. In fact he gave money to a Democrat.

This took me five minutes, if that, of research. Too much to ask for a writer? But it sounds good for those liberal media types so what the hell….no research needed.

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