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Ok, been some hours away from the tube and away from the puter to cool off and think about Fred’s third place finish. For those of you living under a rock he came away with close to 70,000 votes, 16%. Huckabee had about 130,000 and 30% and the winner McCain close to 145,000 votes and 33%.

If I was going to talk to Fred one on one I would make the case to him that he needs to stay in. I would tell him how much pride and admiration I have for his convictions and positions. I am proud I supported you during your hard fought campaign, and make no bones about it, you have campaigned your heart out.

Going from one townhall to the next while the MSM either completely ignored you or snidely remarked about your age and silly hats. Misinformed voters, who pay little attention to politics until the day they have to vote, sucked it all in and here you are at 3rd. But you passed up Romney and came in a respectable third.

I would ask you to stick around at least until February 4th, if not longer. McCain will NOT take the south, it just won’t happen. If you don’t win you may just gather enough delegates to have a say on who the nominee will be if it comes down to that brokered convention. Just maybe.

Yes, probably daydreaming. Maybe not even smart. But I will be damned if I let the only real conservative out of this bunch just fade away because the pundits demand it.

But if you do decide to bow out then I will move on from trying to get the best conservative the nomination to ensuring a Hillary or Obama doesn’t get into the White House. No matter who the nominee is on the Republican side is. Yes, even a McCain.

A McCain who eight years ago went off on the religious right as intolerant but now has suddenly seen the light enough to garner many of their votes in South Carolina. (and we call Romney a flip-flopper)

While I will not campaign nor support any other Republican candidate during this primary if Fred drops out, once it’s over and the nominee has been chosen then the gloves come off and its time to make sure two of the most dangerous liberals out there do not become President of the United States.

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