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A bit of an update on the scumbag lawyer, Jay R. Grodner, who keyed a Marines car from John Kass:

Lawyer Jay R. Grodner, 55, is set to appear in court next week to answer the criminal charges against him, and those charges could be upgraded from a misdemeanor to a felony.

And sources told me Thursday that the state agency that researches complaints against lawyers has opened another investigation of Grodner.


Grodner is now under investigation by the state’s Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, sources said. Commission officials declined to comment Thursday.

More than two decades ago, according to public records, Grodner received a censure by the Illinois Supreme Court after an unrelated investigation by the disciplinary commission into allegations he participated in producing phony signatures on a tax ballot initiative.

I’m told Grodner became a divorce lawyer, a career path which, if you do your job properly, angers half the people you know. In this, it’s sort of like being a newspaper columnist, but I don’t have to deal with who gets the dog or the CD collection, the plasma TV or that priceless Bavarian percolator (made in China) that she picked up on the honeymoon.

Unfortunately, Grodner continues to avoid my phone calls. I’m sure he’s not as terrible as some blogs portray him to be. Perhaps he’s completely innocent, or a fellow who made a mistake. Or perhaps he is an angry anti-war lawyer who protested by ruining the finish of the Marine’s car. I don’t know. Either way, he’s not calling to explain.

Not many folks defend Grodner, but a few readers have called, saying he’s not some ogre, but a man with passionate feelings who has recently run into some difficult circumstances, including filing for bankruptcy in 2004.

Even attorneys need attorneys, so we called one. I heard that former Chicago Police Supt. Richard Brzeczek had been retained by Grodner. We reached Brzeczek at his Florida condo, enjoying the weather, a fact that suggests at least one lawyer in this story is doing OK.

“Mr. Grodner has called. We talked once,” said Brzeczek, who clearly understands the criminal justice system based on his tenure as a top cop.

“But he has not taken the proper steps to secure my counsel,” Brzeczek said.

Brzeczek wouldn’t elaborate on just how many “proper steps” Grodner must take, or what those “proper steps” might be.

I’m sure the proper steps involves a bit of cash, but what does he expect. Lawyers will be lawyers….

Kass also updates that BMW dealerships have offered to fix the damage for free or buying it and lawyers have offered up their services for free also to the young Marine. Enough to warm your heart.

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