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Fred is in South Carolina campaigning away and is getting close to his mark of $540,000 in donations by January 11th:


Click the picture to send him a few coins if possible. The man is the only true constant conservative in this race who hasn’t seen the light and suddenly become something he is not.

He is basically all in at this point as Jim Geraghty notes:

Second, after chatting with one of the Thompson Associates, I hear Thompson is going to announce a move that says he’s all in at this point. (Or doubling down; pick whether you prefer poker or blackjack metaphors.) The bottom line is, Thompson and the people around him know that South Carolina is a must-win. Mitt Romney may look very damaged by the time South Carolina votes, however, and Team Fred thinks they’re a likely first choice for Romney fans losing faith in their man. (Would Mitt fans go to “Don’t Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers” Huckabee or “You are the candidate of change” McCain?)

So lets get him some money to put up a fight and pray that the people of South Carolina understand what a true conservative is. He can do it.

In addition, he was on the O’Reilly show Monday night:

I like his answer on Pakistan. Bill thinks we should just cut the money to the leader of Pakistan unless they allow our troops into his country. Either choice will destabilize that regime and allow a fanatical Islam leader to take over. We cannot allow that to happen with a country that has nukes. Just can’t happen. It shows how naive Bill is actually.

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