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Kathryn at The Corner on Matt Lauer’s obvious bias today when he interviewed Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton:

This morning, the Today Show host interviewed Mitt Romney with hostility and Hillary Clinton with protective understanding. He asked Mitt if he’s a liar buying the election and he asked Hillary about her emotions, both aired near the top of the show, Romney was live, Hillary was taped. I hate being the predictable conservative complaining about the mainstream media, but I know what I saw

You really have to watch the video yourself to see the underlining bias here. Example:

Lauer to Romney – What do you think about McCain saying your trying to buy this election?

Lauer to Romney – Is it all about your money?

Lauer to Romney – Is this state a referendum on your viability as a Presidential candidate?

But when he gets to Hillary his tone softens and he asks:

Lauer to Hillary – The strain started to show a bit?

Lauer to Hillary – I would say its a defining moment in your political life!

Lauer to Hillary – Share how you feel about the comparison between Obama and MLK?

It’s actually quite funny to see it back to back like this.

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