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Figured an update was in order for the list of bloggers and politico’s endorsing Fred Thompson for President:

Bill at 10ksnooker, Absolute Moral Authority, Darrell of Alpha Patriot, Mike at AmeriCAN-DO Attitude,
Kristopher at An Idiot’s Blog, Kate at An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings, Misha of Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller,
ArtcTrish’s Musings, Val Prieto at Babalu Blog, Toni at Bear Creek Ledger, Beejiggity, Beers With Demo, William Dyer of Beldar
, Ala from

Blonde Sagacity
, Heidi Ann Jackson at Big Girl Pants, Bob’s Blog, Bob Krumm, Patrick at

Born Again Redneck
, bRight & Early, Rick at Brutally Honest, Cao at Cao’s Blog, Casey at Casey’s Critical Thinking, Mike Hendrix of Cold Fury, Bob Owens from Confederate Yankee, Josh Painter at

Conscience of a Conservatarian
, Vivian at Conservative Belle, Martin at

Conservative Blog Therapy
, Brandon at Conservative
, Bill Quick of Daily Pundit, Daniel, ConcreteBob at DCProtestWarrior, John Ray at

Dissecting Leftism
, Gayle at Dragon Lady’s Den, Daniel Owen at
, Dumb Ox at Dumb Ox Daily News,
ilja at

Elusively Yours
,  Curt at
Flopping Aces
, Paul at Gazizza, Goodboys Nation,
Gribbit at Gribbit’s Word, Jennifer at
, Bill Hennessy at

Hennessy’s View
, Lemuel Calhoon at
Hillbilly White Trash
, Frank J. at IMAO, Mred at Invincible Armor,
Nate of Irate-Nation, Quilly Mammoth and Marcus Atrocious from
Justbarkingmad, Kender at Kender’s Musings,
Kim du
, Aaron at

LifeLike Pundits
, MacRanger of

, Marie at Marie’s Two Cents, Kathy at Michigan Redneck, Mike O at Musings of a Political
, Morgan at

My Two Cents Worth
, Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy,
Doug at My View On Politics, Nice Deb, No Runny Eggs, Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at
, Chris at One Man’s View, S. Sunder at

Ox’s Take on the World
, TraderRob of Opinipundit,
PawPaw’s House, Steve at Pencil
, Pete Fanning at PeteRepublic, William Teach of Pirate’s Cove,
Chad at Pirates! Man Your Women, PTG at Plains Feeder, Paul Tevis at Political
, Polipundit of Polipundit, Jason McBride at

Post Political
, Denis Ambrose at Provoking the
, Ryan at Pro Patria, Tommy Oliver from

Race 4 2008
Rat Chat
Ray Robison
, Reality Hammer, Erick Erickson and


, Michele at Reformed
Chicks Babbling
, John Hawkins of Rightwing News, Rick Moran of RightWing Nuthouse, Justin Higgins of Right on
the Right
, Right Thinking Brothers, Debbie Hamilton at

Right Truth
, Joe at Right Wing Rebel, jroosh at

Roosh Five
, RovinsWorld, Rob Port of
Say Anything
, Seeker Jar,

, Melissa at Simple Country Girl, Noel at Sharp Knife, Kevin D. Korenthal at SoCalPundit, Society for Independent Thinking, Stephen Bainbridge at
, Stix of

Stix Blog
, Matt K Cassens at St.
, Jay at Stop the ACLU, Strait Talk, Jimmie of the Sundries Shack,
Target Rich
Texas Fred at Texas’s Fred, Scott Miller at The
Conservative Post
Babu Ranganathan at
Conservative Voice
, Cookie and The Cookshack–Gab & Grub, The
Discerning Texan
, The Four Questions, John Benton & Ken Taylor at
The Liberal Lie/The
Conservative Truth
, D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan at

The Liberty Sphere
, The St. Louis Patriot, K T Cat at
The Scratching Post
, Eric Spotsylvania at

The Pool Bar,
David Hinz at The Report,
Eugene Volokh of

The Volokh’s Conspiracy
, Jonathan Adler at
The Volokh’s Conspiracy
, David at Third World Country, Colin at

To get rich is glorious,
Try To Focus, Stephen Green at VodkaPundit, Rob Huddleston at
, Susan Clos at Wake
up America
, Jay Tea at Wizbang.

Not to mention Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN), Former Sen. George Allen (R-VA), Former Sen. Al D’Amato (R-NY), Former Rep. J.C. Watts (R-OK), California State Sen. Tom McClintock, Rep. Steve King (R-IA), former CA State Senator Dick Mountjoy, California State Senator George Runner, Tom Tancredo’s former Iowa State Chairman Bill Salier,
and Pat Buchanan’s former Iowa campaign director for his 1996 run and
current Republican Iowa Third District State Central Committee member,
Loras Schulte

(If you have endorsed Fred and don’t see your blog listed please put it in the comment section and I will update)

Some sites made to further along Fred’s run for President include Fred Thompson 101, Fred Thompson, Falcons for Fred, Fred Thompson and “The Doctrine of Original Intent”, The Marbleead Regiment, and Ohio 4 Fred 

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