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Late to the game on this one folks due to work but here is the news, if you’ve been hiding under a rock all day:

The Justice Department opened a full criminal investigation Wednesday
into the destruction of CIA interrogation videotapes, putting the
politically charged probe in the hands of a mob-busting public
corruption prosecutor with a reputation as being independent.

Attorney General Michael Mukasey announced that he was appointing
John Durham, a federal prosecutor in Connecticut, to oversee the
investigation of a case that has challenged the Bush administration’s
controversial handling of terrorism suspects.

The CIA acknowledged last month that in 2005 it destroyed videos of
officers using tough interrogation methods while questioning two
al-Qaida suspects. The acknowledgment sparked a congressional inquiry
and a preliminary investigation by Justice into whether the CIA
violated any laws or obstructed congressional inquiries such as the one
led by the Sept. 11 Commission.

“The Department’s National Security Division has recommended, and I
have concluded, that there is a basis for initiating a criminal
investigation of this matter, and I have taken steps to begin that
investigation,” Mukasey said in a statement released Wednesday.

Here we go again, another Plame fiasco that produces no crime, at least related to the investigation, but does spend millions of taxpayers money on a fruitless witchhunt.

So lets take a look at this story.  The CIA interrogated two of the worst of the worst regarding 9/11 using waterboarding, rightly so, and received some great information from their hard work.  So they ensured the important data was recorded in report format and forwarded all of that to Congress and the intelligence committees.  They had the videos of the interrogations but knew it could be used for political and anti-American groups throughout the world to their own benefit AND they did not want the identites of the agents who conducted the interrogations known so they advised the leadership in Congress that these tapes would be destroyed.

Two years later they did just that.


Now this is somehow a crime?

Give me a break.

This is another case of the Democrat led Congress watching their approval numbers disintegrate even further so why not start another fruitless investigation.  Yes, yes, I know it wasn’t Congress who initiated this investigation but you know as well as I that their “outrage” over the incident led to this moment.

But at least we’re gonna see some subpoenas being issued to Democrats on the Senate & House Intelligence Communities.

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