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And Romney flips again.  10 days ago:

More than any other Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney is running as the candidate friendliest to President Bush,
surrounding himself with former Bush advisers, delivering his most
closely watched speech at the presidential library of the president’s
father, and this week launching a staunch defense of Bush’s Iraq policy.

part, the strategy helps him distinguish himself from rival Mike
Huckabee, who this week criticized Bush’s foreign policy as “arrogant”
and indicative of a “bunker mentality.” Yesterday, Romney’s campaign
sent reporters a copy of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s comments
blasting Huckabee’s criticism as “just simply ludicrous.”

Romney is not casting himself as Bush’s heir nor fully embracing his legacy, but rather selectively
aligning himself with the president on issues that appeal to loyal
Republican voters, who continue to hold Bush in high regard and who
will largely decide the party’s nominee


Presidential candidate Mitt Romney said on Tuesday the Bush administration mismanaged the Iraq war, distancing himself from his party’s unpopular president two days before Iowa’s first-in-the-nation presidential contest.

“I think we did a less than effective job in managing the conflict following the collapse of Saddam Hussein,” the former Massachusetts governor said at a news conference. “I think we were under prepared for what occurred, understaffed, under planned, and, in some respects, under managed.”

Romney’s comments echo those of his rival John McCain, who for years has criticized the way former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld handled the war. Polls show McCain and Romney locked in a tight battle for first place in New Hampshire, which holds the nation’s second primary contest on January 8.

In Iowa, which holds its nominating contest on Thursday, Romney is neck-and-neck with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.”

The man will say or do anything to get elected it seems. 

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