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160 grand raised so far, 88 to go in 9 hours.  If you haven’t dropped a few coins in please consider doing it.  Unless of course you hate children and puppies: (via Right Wing News)

But seriously, Fred is the only non-flip flopping true conservative in the field today.  The latest Strategic Vision poll puts Fred a reasonably strong
third at 15%, trailing Hucakbee (29%) and Romney (27%) and virtually tied with
McCain (14%).  With your help he can do it.

Please consider a contribution today.

Fred08 - Contribute Now


Apparently the money raised has allowed Fred to get the video on the air, need that 80 grand to keep it there.

We did it! Together, we raised enough money to get Fred’s new television ad on the air in Iowa!  Watch the ad titled “Substance”
and make a donation today so that we can keep it running statewide
through the Caucus on January 3rd. We’ve raised $162,865 so far from
2282 contributors who have given an average of $70 each. We are within
$86,000 of meeting our goal of $248,846.

Today, we are asking for 2200 supporters of Fred to
give a donation of $40 each to put us over the top and keep us on the
air through January 3rd. Will you donate $40 today?

40 bucks people.  You spend that on filling up your gas tank.  Do it now unless you hate children and puppies.


Fred thanks those who’ve helped so far:


And success!


SUCCESS! You came through when Fred needed you. This is further
evidence that Fred is on a roll going into the first Presidential
contest next week.

I want to thank all of you for posting on your weblogs, leaving
comments on blogs, and talking to friends and family through e-mail and
social networks. This was a true grassroots effort. Bloggers came
together with other FredHeads to help Fred. We’re all in this together
to get a clear conservative into the White House. When Fred needed our
help we came through.

Great work people!

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