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If your supporting Fred Thompson for President please consider giving a few coins to him today.

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As most of you know he is battling in Iowa and some Fredmentum is brewing, but to keep it moving his campaign needs funds.  Patrick Ruffini:

Lazy Fred is no more. The dude’s had 5 events in Iowa each day the last
week. Some of those events were canceled because of a blizzard today,
others received less than rave reviews, but you can’t argue that Fred
is confounding the pundits with a bruising schedule when it matters
most. That kind of thing counts in Iowa, and as a result of that and
the inevitable Huckaslide, I’m predicting he places a surprisingly
strong third and stays in the race.

He hasn’t suddenly found Conservatism like a few of the top tier candidates have.  Instead he has always led with strong conservative principals and hasn’t changed for nobody.  This is the type of man we need to run against the Socialists we see coming to power on the other side of the aisle.

So if you are even considering supporting the man, please drop a few coins into his tip jar today for Christmas.

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