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What a great story for Christmas:

Cinnamon was a military camp mascot on a US Military Base in Afghanistan. Just a puppy, she had found her way into the hearts of many of the service men and women stationed there. One in particular, LCDR Mark Feffer worried for her future when most of the troops who cared for her were due to rotate out of the region. Who would care for her then?

Getting ready to rotate out himself, Mark decided to adopt her and take her home. He went through all the right channels to get her ready to travel. Cinnamon was on her way home. She had been taken care of for 7 months. She had her vet exam and her shots. Her health certificate was ready, and her transportation was arranged. Cinnamon was ready to head to her new life in the US with Mark and his wife, Alice, who had both fallen in love with her. An experienced dog handler was to accompany Cinnamon home.

She was due to arrive at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport at 4:30 PM on Friday afternoon. But when Cinnamon’s flight landed in Chicago she wasn’t on it. No one knew where she was. The dog handler entrusted to bring her home, had abandoned her in a foreign country, without contacting anyone. Was Cinnamon alone without food and water? Was she injured and in need of medical attention? Or was she lying lifeless on an airport tarmac somewhere? Would anyone ever know what happened to her?

The book is available here, and for some live footage of Cinnamon take a look: 


Next to Mark Levin’s book, Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover’s Story of Joy and Anguish, this is a must have book for dog lovers.

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