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Oh, wait, wait, wait….lemme guess: They support the troops, right?

The soldiers shown in the photo, who are being indoctrinated in the ideology of religious war, are no more at fault than the young female Hamas member in the photo. Those truly at fault for any resulting strife and violence are the people who are doing the indoctrination.

Since it’s all morally relative and equivalent to both sides, Troutfishing and his KosKiddie cronies might just as well go ahead and admit they support that “young female Hamas member in the photo.” After all, what’s the difference, right? Both are “victims” to indoctrination.

What’s the difference between a law enforcement officer using deadly force and a criminal drug dealer using deadly force? It’s all the same right? It’s all relative and a matter of perspective.

Moral Idiots…

Hat tip:  American Power.

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