Posted by Curt on 21 December, 2007 at 12:31 am. 14 comments already!


When Pat Buchanan prints a magazine cover like this


With the lead article by a person such as Glenn Greenwald you know the man has gone off the deep-end.  Ok, to be honest, we know the man has been nuts for many years….but come on. 

To top it all off LGF has this photo of Pat meeting:

Filip DeWinter and Frank Vanhecke of the Belgian ultra-nationalist party Vlaams
, earlier this year:


Classic.  A anti-semite is calling out Rudy as Hitler. 

I’m telling ya…classic!

But that’s not the end to this thread.  Now Pat says that if Fred takes fourth in Iowa he will bow out and support McCain. 

Is this the man we should trust to tell us this kind of information?

Apparently Allah trusts him…..shocker!  No bias in his postings right?

I’m going to enjoy, in a schadenfreudean way, the splash of cold water in the face of the Fredheads on Jan. 3.

Allahpundit on December 20, 2007 at 10:44 PM

I have to tell ya, the use of Rudy as some kind of Hitler is just disgusting.  He is not my first choice for President but the man can lead.  He has proven that.  Mitt hasn’t.  Hell, even Fred hasn’t.  Not one of them has had to endure what Rudy endured as a leader of people during a crisis, and he passed with flying colors.

To try and portray him as some kind of Hitler is just wrong, disgusting, and unforgivable..
David Horowitz said it best about Pat’s type of leadership:

Prominent among the articulators of Euro-racialism are Peter Brimelow who writes for the website Vdare, and Pat Buchanan whose best-selling book The Death of the West articulates its most familiar version. If Buchanan’s last electoral run is any indication, Euro-racialism is a still a fringe prejudice among conservatives. But if it were to emerge as the view of conservatives themselves, it would in my view mean the death of the conservative movement. Since I consider the conservative movement the last bulwark in the defense of America and the West, it would ironically also fulfill the prophecy in the title of Buchanan’s book.

Pat’s been off the deep end for quite some time, it’s been quite telling watching those who follow him off the cliff.

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