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Good news, the coward Murtha may have to be sworn in and testify:

The defense for a Marine accused in the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians said Wednesday it wants to depose a Pennsylvania congressman to determine whether a general told him that the accused and his squad killed in cold blood.

Jack Zimmermann, an attorney for Lance Cpl. Stephen B. Tatum, told judge Lt. Col. Eugene Robinson that he also wants a deposition from Gen. Michael Hagee, former commandant of the Marine Corps now retired, to find out what he may have said to Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., and to Marines serving in Iraq.


Zimmermann said Murtha, a former Marine who is an outspoken opponent of the Iraqi war, refused to be interviewed because squad leader Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich — who is charged with unpremeditated murder in 17 of the deaths — filed a defamation lawsuit against him last year.

“Murtha said (during several media interviews) he was briefed at the `highest levels’ that Marines (in Tatum’s squad) committed murder, killed in cold blood … it was another My Lai,” said Zimmermann.

My Lai was the site of the killing of more than 300 apparently unarmed Vietnamese civilians by U.S. soldiers in 1968.

“Could these be construed as political rantings?” the judge asked the defense attorney.

“Murtha said, `I was briefed by the commandant of the Marine Corps,” Zimmermann responded.

The attorney urged the judge to order depositions by Murtha and Hagee.

“We don’t think there’s any congressional immunity here,” Zimmermann said. “We want to ask General Hagee, Did you tell him (Murtha) that? Where did he get this? Is he making it up?”

Recall what he said:


The man is a disgrace to the Marine Corps and to his chosen profession.  The sad thing is even if he is sworn in, I doubt he will tell the truth.  He is so full of corrupt earmark dealings and other lies I doubt he even knows what the truth is anymore.
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