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Silly liberals:

House Intelligence Committee chairman Silvestre Reyes told ABC News today that he will ignore the Bush administration’s request to drop its investigation of why CIA interrogation tapes were destroyed.

“This is an administration that frankly does not have a good track record of policing itself,” Reyes said. “We intend to go forward and issue subpoenas next week because we are a whole equal branch of government.”


An investigation could be embarrassing to politicians in both parties who received classified briefings five years ago on interrogation tactics, possibly including waterboarding.

Some former CIA officers say Congress and the White House want the information obtained from suspected terrorists, but refuse to take the heat when the harsh methods are leaked.

And now CIA officers could face criminal charges.

“The CIA guys say we were told to do this … told to treat detainees this way. And we were told it was legal,” said Thomas Blanton, director of the National Security Archives. “Now we find out we were wrong. Now we’re taking the blame.”

You think maybe they will investigate the leaks that come from Congress?  The CIA? 

Not on your life. 

But the funniest thing about this article is that the writer actually believes, hopes, prays…whatever, that someone will face criminal charges.  Just like the Plame deal, where there was no crime since she was a desk jockey, there will be NO criminal charges since waterboarding is NOT illegal.  Even better then the Plame deal is the fact that a few of those screeching and crying were briefed on the existence of the tapes and the imminent destruction of the tapes.  They neither said nor did anything.

In the end, we can all thank god that these tapes we’re destroyed, but the damage is done.  Our enemy now knows that waterboarding will not kill them.  They know they can survive it.  The secrets they hold that could stop the next 9/11 will stay a secret and our country is now more in danger then ever.  All because the left doesn’t want these evil men to be a bit uncomfortable for a few minutes. 

They leak
classified info, survellience techniques, info about clandestine
operations and anything that could weaken us against our enemy and they have the nerve to pray for criminal charges on something that is obviously NOT a crime.  

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