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You know Nancy, maybe….just maybe, you should try leading with resolve and a bit of a backbone.  Instead of putting your finger to the wind and seeing which way the wind blows why don’t you lead by doing what you feel is right.  Instead you lead the House by following the bidding of MoveOn and the rest of the nutcases. 

Real leadership means doing what is right for the country, not what the polls tell you. (via Michelle Malkin)

Pelosi Comes Unhinged, Spews Pete Stark-like Vitriol: Republicans “Like this War”

Washington– With plummeting approval ratings and no legislative
accomplishments to point to, Nancy Pelosi is melting down in the final
days of the first session of the 110th Congress. Military success on
the ground in Iraq also seems to be agitating the San Francisco Speaker
who appears to be despondent over the fact that General Petraeus’ surge
is working.

In a press conference today, Pelosi’s frustration manifested itself:

“The grassroots are justifiably disappointed, and I am too, that
we could not do something to end this war. The assumption that I made,
that the Republicans would soon see the light and listen to their
constituents, was not an accurate one.”

They like this war. They want this war to continue…” (Press Conference, 12/13/07)

Pelosi’s desperation continues to grow as the clock appears to be
running out on the Democrats. Their failure to address the nation’s
problems like rising prices, the seemingly inevitable return of the
alternative minimum tax, and their gross abdication of their
responsibility to our troops in the field have left the Americans
restless and angry at their incompetence.

Will Nancy Pelosi apologize before the House for her Pete Stark-like remarks? The American people and America’s men and women in uniform are waiting.

Instead of doing real Congressional business she will push forth bills that her and her cohorts understand have no chance….NO CHANCE of becoming law.  Instead of working with those on the other side of the aisle she has allowed bills to languish or go down to defeat all to send a message.

A message of complete and utter failure.

Then she has the gall to say Republicans “like” war.  No, we understand war.  We understand sometimes you have to go to war to ensure that our country is safe and sound.  We did that, as we should have, in Iraq and now we cannot just up and leave.  I mean really.  Can people be this ignorant?  Do they really believe you can just up and leave a warzone without it affecting anybody or anything?  A million Vietnamese and Cambodians dead because we just up and left, but whatever…not our problem right?


Oh, and get this winner:

Nevertheless, she did question the need, born of Senate filibuster rules, for 60 votes to pass legislation.

“I don’t even know how it is constitutional,” said Pelosi.

Course she wasn’t complaining about it when the Republicans were in power pre-2006.  Funny how that works huh?

The lady is an embarrassment, and a perfect posterchild for the new Democrat party but I will give her and Reid this, we Republicans could not have asked for better gifts then those two.

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