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British Intelligence have issued a stunning rebuke of the NIE: (h/t The Strata-Sphere)

British spy chiefs have grave doubts that Iran has
mothballed its nuclear weapons programme, as a US intelligence report
claimed last week, and believe the CIA has been hoodwinked by Teheran.


The security services in London want concrete evidence to allay
concerns that the Islamic state has fed disinformation to the CIA.


A senior British official delivered a withering assessment of US
intelligence-gathering abilities in the Middle East and revealed that
British spies shared the concerns of Israeli defense chiefs that Iran
was still pursuing nuclear weapons.

The source said British analysts believed that Iranian nuclear
staff, knowing their phones were tapped, deliberately gave

It’s quickly becoming known that our intelligence agencies have become partisan hacks and are now the laughingstocks of the intel community.  All of this is the result of rogue agents like Plame and high level managers who only want to damage Bush.  But as many of us have suspected, much of the mid level players don’t agree with these people:

A US intelligence source has revealed that some American spies share
the concerns of the British and the Israelis. “Many middle- ranking CIA
veterans believe Iran is still committed to producing nuclear weapons
and are concerned that the agency lost a number of its best sources in
Iran in 2004,” the official said.

The CIA has become so politicized its now become a worthless entity, and an embarrassment.  Think about this.  Isn’t one of the complaints we hear from the Democrats (and Huckabee) is that we don’t listen and engage other countries?  If so, and if every other country across Europe was telling you that your being foolish to put together this political NIE, they why did they release it?

I know, I know….we all know the answer to that one.  But I’m just sayin….

Meanwhile, if this NIE is allowed to steer our policies against Iran we may soon watch one of the most dangerous tyrants to come around in a long time get a nuke.  Israel understands the stakes:

It must be clear that if Iran does not cooperate with the West on the nuclear issue, military confrontation will be unavoidable, incoming Israeli ambassador to Britain, Ron Prosor, was quoted as saying Sunday.

Prosor, who served as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s senior adviser on Iran, told the Sunday Telegraph that Teheran could enrich enough uranium to make an atomic bomb by 2009.

“At the current rate of progress Iran will reach the technical threshold for producing fissile material by 2009,” he told the British newspaper. “This is a global threat and it requires a global response. It should be made clear that if Iran does not co-operate then military confrontation is inevitable. It is either co-operation or confrontation.”

Prosor went on to say that the Iranians would soon be able to fully control all the elements of enrichment and from that point on, it would only be a matter of time before they had a nuclear weapon.

A nuclear bomb based
on enriched uranium is a fairly simple device.  So long as Iran is enriching uranium on a massive scale and has the material to make artillery shells, bomb casings, and the ability to shape the uranium then the notion that its stopped it nuke weapon program is ignorant, and dangerous.


John Bolton gets it right, as usual:

U.S. intelligence services attempted to influence political policy by releasing their assessment that concludes Iran halted its nuclear arms program in 2003, said John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Der Spiegel magazine quoted Bolton on Saturday as alleging that the aim of the National Intelligence Estimate, which contradicts his and President Bush’s position, was not to provide the latest intelligence on Iran.
“This is politics disguised as intelligence,” Bolton was quoted as saying in an article appearing in this week’s edition.

Bolton described the report, released Monday, as a “quasi-putsch” by the intelligence agencies, Der Spiegel said.

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