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So after work tonight I check the links coming to the blog and see a few coming from Hot Air from this post by Allah.  The post is about a article in the NYT’s that basically says Fred isn’t lazy, he just doesn’t like people:

The traditional town-hall-like meetings — where
candidates are peppered by dozens of questions from voters, often for
more than an hour — are not for Mr. Thompson. Nor is other aggressive
retail campaigning.

Instead, he holds sessions billed by the campaign as chances to
“meet Fred,” often little more than photo opportunities, with the
staging not especially well choreographed. And even those are
relatively few, with a typical week instead dominated by fund-raisers
that are closed to the press and the general public alike…

Mr. Thompson’s performance at the debate capped a weeklong period in which he held only one retail campaign event:
a “meet Fred” rally last Saturday in a small room at the back of Sticky
Fingers, a barbecue restaurant in Summerville, S.C. There was no music
or food. There were not even chairs, and so some 100 voters there to
see him had to stand for three hours before he arrived.

After brief remarks in which he cited the broad conservative
principles that he said guided him, he took just a half-dozen
questions. The appearance lasted less than 30 minutes, and he left
without mingling with customers elsewhere in the restaurant…

When the Republican candidates gathered in Orlando, Fla., for the
state party’s convention, Mr. Thompson’s rivals all gave impassioned
and detailed speeches that lasted nearly a half-hour each. He spoke for four minutes.

Among those in the crowd was Linda Hoffman, 47, who wore stickers
for all the candidates on her blazer, a reflection of her indecision.
“I was really kind of shocked,” Ms. Hoffman said right after hearing
Mr. Thompson. “We were all hoping he would say something we could get
behind, but there was nothing.”

Which is quite curious seeing as how I just posted on his appearance down here in Orange County yesterday in which he spoke for 25+ minutes then spent about 20 minutes down in the crowd, surrounded by fans, signing autographs, taking pictures, and talking to people.  He wasn’t in a rush and actually backtracked to shake hands with people who missed him the first time.

Curious how that happens with the NYT’s huh?

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