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I put the video up on YouTube of Dana Perino having to explain the world to the apparently child like intellect of one Helen Thomas.  Pay special attention to the end when Dana gives Helen a look like she wanted to stab her in the eyes. 



Q Does the President want no troops out from Iraq on his watch? I’m
talking about all the troops.

MS. PERINO: Well, 5,700 troops will be home by the end of the year, so
that is some troops coming home. The President said that troop levels are
going to be made by commanders on the ground, and that we’re going to have
to talk about —

Q Why should it be? Why can’t the American people have a say?

MS. PERINO: — return on success. The American people have had a say.
They elected a President who is their Commander-in-Chief and is making
decisions based on what his commanders on the ground are telling him.

Q And you think that was the vote of the American people?

MS. PERINO: They elected a Commander-in-Chief, and the President is
bringing home 5,700 troops, based on the recommendations of his commanders
on the ground and based on return on success. Hopefully in the future we
can bring home more, but it’s going to depend on what General Petraeus
reports and remember he will come back in March.

Q Why should we depend on him?

MS. PERINO: Because he is the commander on the ground, Helen. He’s the
one who is making sure that the situation is moving —

You mean how many more people we kill?

MS. PERINO: Helen, I find it really unfortunate that you use your front
row position, bestowed upon you by your colleagues, to make such
statements. This is a — it is an honor and a privilege to be in the
briefing room, and to suggest that we, at the United States, are killing
innocent people is just absurd and very offensive.

Q Do you know how many we have since the start of this war?

MS. PERINO: How many — we are going after the enemy, Helen. To the
extent that any innocent Iraqis have been killed, we have expressed regret
for it.

Q Oh, regret. It doesn’t bring back a life.

MS. PERINO: Helen, we are in a war zone, and our military works extremely
hard to make sure that everyone has the opportunity for liberty and freedom
and democracy, and that is exactly what they are doing.
I’m going to move on.

No one who has watched Helen at these briefings before should be surprised at her attitude towards our military.  She has made it clear many times in the past with her idiotic questions and suggestions. 

For more entertainment take a look at this video of Tony Snow taking on Helen and making her look quite foolish:

It’s high time this lady is shown the door.