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The Clinton corruption appears to moving forward unabated.  This time there is news that a new bundler has taken over for Chung Seto and Norman Hsu:

Hillary has a Texas border town bundler, Alonzo Cantu, who, according to the Washington Post,

    “…persuaded more than 300 people in Hidalgo County, where the median household income in 2006 was $28,660, to write checks ranging from $500 to $2,300 to the senator from New York.” 

According to the Post, Clinton has raised $640,000 from donors in and around McAllen, the principal city in Hidalgo County, while Obama is running at $2,086.  One donor, Cantu’s brother-in-law, is quoted as saying, with a smile, “The last thing you want to do is get on Alonzo’s bad side.”

Cantu’s bundling role among a less affluent population is reminiscent of Ms. Seto’s fundraising success among waiters and dishwashers in NYC’s Chinatown.  Perhaps in the days ahead we’ll know if all of Cantu’s donors can be found. Or not.

On top of all that is the news that one of the big contributors to her and her husbands campaign is in deep doo doo:

The Securities and Exchange Commission has opened an investigation into spending by database marketer InfoUSA Inc.

The Omaha-based company said in a filing Tuesday that it would cooperate with the SEC’s request for documents related to expense reimbursement, transactions with related parties, some corporate expenditures and certain trades of company stock.

The company did not specify what spending the SEC is looking for, but a lawsuit two hedge funds filed earlier this year may offer some clues.


The lawsuit also questions why [InfoUSA founder Vin] Gupta used private jets to fly Bill and Hillary Clinton on business, personal and campaign trips, and why Gupta gave Bill Clinton a $3.3 million (€2.2 million) consulting contract.

According to the lawsuit, InfoUSA has spent nearly $900,000 (€607,533) since 2001 flying the Clintons to domestic and international locations and political events.

You remember InfroUSA don’t you?  The group that sold thousands of names and phone numbers to known scam-artists, some of these names (mostly the elderly) were labeled “These people are gullible.” 

To top it all off Dafydd at Big Lizards found that the MSM is doing its best to ensure this kinda news doesn’t get read:

So the New York Times printed two articles about InfoUSA:

  • The first discussed how InfoUSA criminally preyed upon
    “gullible” elderly victims, including veterans and Alzheimers patients
    — but didn’t mention the Clinton connection;
  • The second, published six months later (when the first
    article would have dropped into the memory hole), discloses the deep
    Clinton connection to InfoUSA through founder Vinton Gupta… but never
    mentions the earlier investigative report on InfoUSA’s aiding and
    abetting of criminals who prey upon senior citizens.

One would think that a top Clinton donor making millions of dollars by knowingly selling victim-lists
of “gullible” elderly and/or sick vets to heartless con artists, who
then bilk the victims out of their life savings, would qualify as part
of “all the news that’s fit to print;” but evidently, when it comes to
the Clintons, the motto mutates to “all the news we see fit to print.”

We shouldn’t be surprised tho.  The liberal MSM has anointed Hillary the next coming of Bill and will do anything to ensure she gets into office.  Even becoming a shill for her:

The Clintons insist that they did disclose and “reimburse” InfoUSA,
and its Clintonista founder Vinton “Vin” Gupta, for some of its
contributions, according to the New York Times version of the AP story; though so far, this is based entirely on the Clintons’ word:

Mr. Gupta has been a major donor to Democrats and gave
at least $1 million to Mr. Clinton’s presidential library in Arkansas.
Mr. Gupta also took part in a June fund-raiser for Mrs. Clinton in

A spokesman for Mrs. Clinton said in May that all the flights connected to InfoUSA were reimbursed and disclosed in accordance with Federal Election Commission and Senate ethics rules.

Note that Hillary Clinton’s campaign only claims that they reimbursed the air transportation; they say nothing about reimbursing or returning the multi-million dollar contract… to Bill Clinton.

And every week it seems we get more stories just like the above two.  But hey, Barbara Streisand is backing Hillary!

Now that’s news.

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