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I love this line from Patrick Ruffini:

In the past few months, Ron Paul has dramatically raised the profile of libertarianism inside the Republican Party.

He sure has that right.  He has raised the profile and showed us how out of touch with reality they really are. 

The newest backers of Ron Paul to go along with his Twoofer fans, his white supremist fans, and all the other nutjobs is brothel owners: (h/t Hot Air)

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, an underdog Texas congressman
with a libertarian streak, has picked up an endorsement from a Nevada brothel

Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite BunnyRanch near Carson City, said he was so
impressed after hearing Paul at a campaign stop in Reno last week that he
decided to raise money for him.

“I’ll get all the (working girls) together, and we can raise him some money,”
Hof told the Reno Gazette-Journal. “I’ll put up a collection box outside the
door. They can drop in $1, $5 contributions.”

Hof and two of his prostitutes, Brooke Taylor and a woman who goes by Air
Force Amy, attended a Paul news conference.

Bryan points who we should thank for turning this brothel owner onto Ron, MSNBC’s own Tucker Carlson:

Hof was accompanied to the Paul news conference by television news personality Tucker Carlson, who is traveling with Paul for a magazine article he is writing.

“Dennis Hof is a good friend of mine, so when we got to Nevada, I decided to call him up and see if he wanted to come check this guy out,” said Carlson, who hosts the show “Tucker” on MSNBC.

How sweet of him huh?

Actually, I think Ron Paul’s run for President has done more damage to libertarianism than anything else
in recent history by connecting it to the appeasement of
fanatical Islam rather then what their movement was supposed to be about, limited Government.  The ridicule he has exposed himself to has given the MSM more then enough reason to dismiss those that support smaller government, less taxation and the rest as just a bunch of loons.

But I will thank him for the run.  It’s been entertaining and I’ve learned that I would never, ever, become a libertarian.


Jackie Mason’s response to the PaulBots:

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