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Laura at Ace of Spades HQ posted a snippet of a new editorial from the WaPo that is most probably gonna be the new meme from the left.  Sure, Iraq is working, but we still paid too high a price to make it work:

Though I don’t especially want to perpetuate any stereotypes about the mainstream media, I have to say that this optimism is totally unwarranted. Not because things aren’t improving in Iraq — it seems they are, at least for the moment — but because the collateral damage inflicted by the war on America’s relationships with the rest of the world is a lot deeper and broader than most Americans have realized. It isn’t just that the Iraq war invigorated the anti-Americanism that has always been latent pretty much everywhere. What’s worse is the fact that — however it all comes out in the end, however successful Iraqi democracy is a decade from now — our conduct of the war has disillusioned our natural friends and supporters and thrown a lasting shadow over our military and political competence. However it all comes out, the price we’ve paid is too high.

Now who couldn’t see this coming?

They have invested way too much to just turn around and say “hey, we were wrong!”  No, now it’s a message of sadness over how many people hate us over Iraq. 

Problem is, we have always been hated, and loved.  It was the same 50 years ago and will be the same 50 years in the future.  Some hate how successful we are.  Some hate Democracy.  Some hate our ideals.  You can count al-Qaeda in that group and the question is, should we care?

All I know is that a country which was ruled by a tyrannical despot with visions of WMD dancing in his head is now free.  People vote for their leaders now.  Their economy is beginning to thrive, as most Democracies do.  If we are to be hated because we are at fault for this then so be it.  Bring the hate.

But more likely this is just another indication that the left is in free-fall.  They can’t explain how their “wonderful failure” went so wrong so now its not that we won, who cares about that now, its that our image is tainted in the world.

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