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At least they’re being honest now:

Like so many of the war-related measures that Democrats have proposed this year, the spending bill sought to set a timeline for redeploying American troops, and to narrow the mission to focus on counterterrorism and on the training of Iraq’s security forces.

And, like so many of the war-related measures that Democrats proposed this year, it was approved in the House only to wither and die in the Senate, where on Friday it fell 7 votes short of the 60 needed to prevent a Republican filibuster — with 45 senators voting to block the measure.

All signs indicate that Democrats will continue proposing such measures as long as Mr. Bush remains in office and troops remain in Iraq. “We are going to keep plugging away,” said Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

Democratic lawmakers and strategists on Capitol Hill said their hope was that even if Republican support for Mr. Bush’s strategy held firm, voters would reward Democrats for their efforts at the polls next November, and that there was no risk to failing again and again.

Why do the right thing when you can do the thing that will get you re-elected instead?

The surge is working, the Iraqi’s are fighting back against al-Qaeda, the parties inside Iraq are starting to work together, violence and deaths are down, and our troops are beginning to come home.

But they don’t admit any of those facts.  No, instead they bow to the alter of MoveOn to ensure they get re-elected.

How sad and pathetic.

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