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Many of us on the right have called CNN the Clinton News Network, with good reason, seeing as how they constantly excuse every scandal of theirs while giving the family huge swaths of airtime.  Now it appears there is even more evidence of their love for the Clinton family. 

CNN hosted the Clinton debate…cough, I mean the Democrat debate, last night which was quite obviously stacked with Clinton fans judging by the huge amount of applause Hillary got after her answers, and the boos of any sort of criticism of her.

Now that is one thing, a underhanded sneaky thing for sure, but its quite another when a student is told to ask a silly inane softball question to Hillary instead of a more important one.  Maria Luisa, a student at UNLV, wanted to ask: (via Don Surber)

“Yucca Mountain, NV is the proposed site for the country’s nuclear
waste repository. Despite scientific evidence that it is a vulnerable
site, the federal government continues to push for the plan to move
forward. The evidence relied on is unsound and the risks involved in
transporting high-level radioactive waste across the country are high.
What will you [Sen. Clinton] do to ensure that the best site/s is/are
chosen for the storage of spent nuclear reactor fuel?”

But according to her MySpace page, Luisa was told she could not ask that one and she had to ask the softball question to close out the debate.

“Every single question asked during the debate by the audience had to be approved by CNN,” Luisa writes. “I was asked to submit questions including “lighthearted/fun” questions. I submitted more than five questions on issues important to me. I did a policy memo on Yucca Mountain a year ago and was the finalist for the Truman Scholarship. For sure, I thought I would get to ask the Yucca question that was APPROVED by CNN days in advance.”…

That’s what the media does. See, the media chose what they wanted, not what the people or audience really wanted. That’s politics; that’s reality. So, if you want to read about real issues important to America–and the whole world, I suggest you pick up a copy of the Economist or the New York Times or some other independent source.

CNN explained it thusly:

Sam Feist, the executive producer of the debate, said that the student
was asked to choose another question because the candidates had already
spent about ten minutes discussing Yucca Mountain.

“When her Yucca mountain question was asked, she was given the
opportunity to ask another question, and my understand is that the
[diamond v. pearls] questions was her other question,” Feist said. “She
probably was disappointed, but we spent a lot of time with a bunch of
different candidates on Yucca Mountain, and we were at the end of the

So basically they told her that if she wanted to get some face time she had to ask that question or they would move on.  Not the first time this thing has happened with CNN.

Last night proves how easily a network can spin a debate in one candidates favor.  They choose the questions to ask and if they want their favorite to have a easy time then they find diamond questions.  They fill the audience with fans of their favorite and ta-da!  A big partah for their pals, the Clintons.

Matt Lewis doesn’t want to accuse CNN of kowtowing to the Clintons:

Now, I’m not speculating that CNN helped “stack” the audience in her
favor — that would be conspiratorial.  But CNN clearly broke protocol
by allowing the audience members to applaud and boo.  Traditionally, a
moderator will order the audience to keep quiet.  That did not occur
last night.

In football, you’ve probably heard of “the 12th
man.”  Well, last night, Hillary definitely had home field advantage. 
I can’t think of another debate, ever, where the audience was allowed
to take control of the debate to this extent.  By allowing this to
occur, CNN was essentially helping guarantee a Hillary advantage.

So why was it allowed to occur?

But I will.  The most definitely stacked the audience in her favor.  

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