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Patrick Ruffini is asking that people start voting for his question at 10 Questions. 

Here’s the situation. The top 10
right now are stacked with you-name-it left-wing cause — net
neutrality, terrorist surveillance, medical marijuana, and “is America
unofficially a theocracy?” There’s a real chance that the Democratic candidates
who participate will not be asked a single tough question that forces them to
articulate their beliefs or address an unfamiliar issue.

Early reaction
to my question is 2-to-1 positive, but as of now, I need 908 new net positive
votes to make the top 10 — and likely more than that to overcome whatever
negative votes that are likely to materialize in the next seven hours.

While I am hoping he will have success getting his question asked to the Democrat candidates, it’s highly doubtful.  Take a look at the frontpage of 10Questions and behold the thousands of votes for a question like “Is America unofficially a theocracy?” and Medical Marijuana. 

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