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Newsbusters is reporting on a NBC News broadcast in which they detail the new book “The Terrorist Watch: Inside the Desperate Race to Stop the Next Attack” by Ronald Kessler. The book describes the FBI agent, George Piro, who gained the confidence of Saddam Hussein after his capture over many months and what Saddam told him.

An important tidbit from Saddam’s mouth was the fact that he hoped to recostitute a nuclear program once he was able to get rid of the sanctions:

Of course none of this is really news seeing as how it was reported by the Senate Intelligence Committee some 3 years back. The liberals cherrypicked those reports tho, believed some of it and dismissed the rest that didn’t fit their worldview. Mainly that Bush was wrong, no matter what anyone said.

Saddam with nukes, naw….that wouldn’t of been dangerous.


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