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Look who just got the memo:


From their late discovery:

Now the sounds of warfare are rare. American troops have set up small outposts in some of the capital’s most dangerous enclaves. Locals previously lukewarm to the presence of U.S. soldiers patrol alongside them. And a historic lane on the eastern banks of the Tigris is set to reopen later this year, lined with seafood restaurants and an art gallery.

Al-Maliki’s assessment Sunday matched those of U.S. military officials, and is borne out by Associated Press figures that show a sharp drop in the number of U.S. and Iraqi deaths in the past few months. The number of Iraqi civilians who meet violent deaths dropped from at least 1,023 in September to at least 905 in October, according to an AP count.

The number of American military deaths fell from 65 to at least 39 over the same period.

Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, commander of U.S. forces south of the capital, said Sunday he believed the decrease would hold, because of what he called a “groundswell” of support from regular Iraqis.

“If we didn’t have so many people coming forward to help, I’d think this is a flash in the pan. But that’s just not the case,” Lynch told a small group of reporters over lunch in the Green Zone.

Course, the MSM being the MSM they couldn’t let all this good news go without something, anything to grasp ahold of so that their dreams of a American and Iraqi defeat is not dimmed. 

Take a look at the very first photo and its description:


But they can’t hide the good news anymore it seems.  Just too much of it to keep down.  Like todays report that the Iraqi’s are battling al-Qaeda by themselves in greater numbers:

Former Sunni insurgents asked the United States to stay away, and then ambushed members of Al Qaeda in Iraq, killing 18 in a battle that raged for hours north of Baghdad, an ex-insurgent leader and Iraqi police said yesterday.

The Islamic Army in Iraq sent advance word to Iraqi police requesting that US helicopters keep out of the area because its fighters had no uniforms and were indistinguishable from Al Qaeda, according to the police and a top Islamic Army leader known as Abu Ibrahim.

Abu Ibrahim said his fighters killed 18 Al Qaeda militants and captured 16 in the fight southeast of Samarra, a mostly Sunni city about 60 miles north of Baghdad.

“We found out that Al Qaeda intended to attack us, so we ambushed them at 3 p.m. on Friday,” Abu Ibrahim said. He would not say whether any Islamic Army members were killed.

Much of the Islamic Army in Iraq, a major Sunni Arab insurgent group that includes former members of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party, has joined the US-led fight against Al Qaeda in Iraq along with Sunni tribesmen and other former insurgents repelled by the terror group’s brutality and extremism.

The liberals can hope and pray for some sign that Iraq is lost, so they then can blame Bush, but to no avail.  General Petreaus and the man who put him into place, President Bush, have adapted and overcome the failed strategy first devised for the Iraq War, and we are winning.

Thanks MSM for noticing, a few months late but we wouldn’t expect anything less of you.

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