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I’m jealous, why does Hawkeye from View From Above get moonbat professors talking trash about his blog and not mine?  Not only that, the good professor suggested his blog would be a good place to vent their idiocy:

Secondly, a certain Ms. Judy
, who teaches English Composition (of all
things) at the University of West Florida,
directed her students to come visit my humble blog strictly for the purposes of
antagonizing me (or so it would seem). According to one “Kelly L” whose comment
I really appreciated…

The reason you are seeing so many anti-war comments is because Ms.
Benny has many more anti-war students this year (trust me, I know) and you were
a suggested pro-war blog for all the anti-war students. (Isn’t it great to be
popular?) All the pro-war students are off somewhere posting on the anti-war

Thanks Kelly. It would have been nice if Ms. Benny had
given me some kind of warning herself before she turned loose the “dogs of

You have to go check out her curriculum, it’s a doozy.

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