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Lets take another walk down DummiesU lane and get a few laughs shall we?  First up is this liberal who is a bit upset with the Democrats:

spartan61 Fri Nov-02-07 09:11 PM
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That does it!! I’m leaving the Democratic Party

and registering Independent next week. I don’t even care if I vote in
the primaries or not. I just don’t care anymore. I had such high hopes
last November when we won the House and the Senate and prior to that
election, I worked my buns off for the party. Well, no more. There will
be no more contributions when called, either. The “Democrat” Party is a
big disappointment. I was patiently waiting for them to grow a spine
and stand up to georgie and dick and to finally realize that
impeachment had to be ON the table, not off the table. I was hoping
they would end this terrible war by defunding it. Guess I am
delusional. Well, today was the final straw that did it for me. When
the Democrats, who, BTW had the votes to stop the confimation of
Mukasey, blew it (thank you Shumer and Feinstein) that was my wake up
call to register Independent. I won’t be voting in the primary and I
have no idea who I will vote for in the general. I guess it really
doesn’t matter because there isn’t much difference anyway.

Wow, that only took a few years to figure out huh?  Scott Malensek put it well a few weeks ago:

They have to remain fixated on GWB lest they take a look at who
they’re gonna have to vote for in 2008, Sen Hillary “George Bush lite”

President George W Bush is not running in 2008. There is no need to campaign against him anymore

Democrats are no longer against the war. All three leading Democratic
Presidential prospects will continue the war in Iraq until 2013 if they
need to. Hillary has already said she’s willing to expand it to Iran.
In Congress, Democrats laugh at talk of impeachment, they’ve given up
trying to cut the funding, and they’ve even started to quit with their
non-binding rhetoric.

Wanna be against the war? If you do, now you’ve got to be against the Democrats as well.

Since most of the anti-war rhetoric is really just a catalyst for
venting Bush hate, frustration over the 2000 tie, even impeachment back
in 98…well, that kinda leaves the left in a conundrum:

1) focus their anti-war efforts against Democrats and show their own integrity and commitment to the issue rather than the party


2) continue railing against a political figure who’s not even on the
ballot, then vote for a political figure who vows to continue the war
(ie irony) while at the same time claiming your own anti-war commitment
(ie hypocrisy)

Given those two choices…yeah, the lost left will continue to
scream, and pout, and call names, and hate 1/3-1/2 of the Americans who
don’t agree with them. Then the shallow protesters will vote in a
pro-war candidate like Clinton, and the straight up whiners will
continue to point fingers rather than look for the real
causes-particularly the effect of protesting against a liberator and in
support of a dictator.

Something tells me Spartan61 will not be doing any real soul searching anytime soon.  Rather she will scream, pout and call names until red in the face.  Then she will vote for Hillary.

Now look at this wacky thread:

Poll_Blind (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-02-07 06:49 PM
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What basic trades are YOU learning to prepare against economic collapse?
I think I’m going to work the chicken farming/cobbler/bee-keeper angle.
Eggs, meat, shoes, honey. I originally wanted to be a shaman or a
witch-sniffer but both of those (each side of the coin) requires lying
to people so they’re out.

Are you diversifying your skills with the possibility of extreme economic hardships in mind? Has the thought occurred to you?

Just wondering. I believe we’re going to see an increase in the barter sub-economy in America.


Check out some of the responses:

bahrbearian (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-02-07 06:54 PM
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Pumpkins, Poatoes , Cucumbers, Corn, Squash, ect, ect which grow well here
Will trade or barter for Goats, Chickens and Alpaccas.

A bit scary:

Mike03 (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-02-07 07:01 PM
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11. By no means am I survival savvy, but
Edited on Fri Nov-02-07 07:03 PM by Mike03
for the past five or six years I have been preparing for a worst case
scenario. I can live for at least one year without even leaving my
house. Granted, that’s only one year, but it’s a start.

Also, when I was just out of college I realized how buying power
diminishes over time, so I began to horde or collect basics such as
clothing, shoes, and keep an ongong, recycled storage of medical
supplies, batteries, all the basics.

I also try to keep a very low profile locally. Nobody has any idea who I am, what I do or what my financial health is.

And I live frugally, and have saved and invested. I own my home outright, so I don’t get hassled by creditors.

I keep my mouth shut about my preparations (except my family knows).

Oh, most importantly, I have no debt.

Yeah, if the world collapses having no debt is REAL important.  Tell me, am I wrong in picturing a serial killer in training after reading that post?

alfredo (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-02-07 07:08 PM

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23. begging
I know wild foods and herbs. I also know how to build simple shelters,
and read the clouds. I also know how to navigate by the stars.

CK_John (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-02-07 07:45 PM
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34. Two items people should have or make, 1) a rickshaw and 2) a still, for water of course.
The rickshaw can be used for commerce, transportation and as a jitty
for income. A still is best know for making distilled spirits but its’
real value would be for distilling potable water source.

And my all time favorite:

datasuspect (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-02-07 07:04 PM
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16. i know how to use firearms
and know lots of crazy people who have military training, are expert hunters, or are ex-cons.

we’ll probably band together and take other people’s shit.

Ah, the liberal…what a peace loving bunch they are.