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Google, that bastion of anything Socialist, has done it again.  This time taking down the video of Robert Spencer’s speech at Dartmouth.  Their reasons?

As set forth in the Terms & Conditions, Google Video is not
required to host or display uploaded content. Google Video may refuse
to host content that violates its policies, including:

illegal content
invasions of personal privacy
pornography or obscenity
hate or incitement of violence
graphic violence or other acts resulting in serious injury or death
violations of copyright. Please see our DMCA policy for more information.
note that we also reserve the right to not show mature content to users
with their safesearch activated. This includes content that would
typically not be shown to users under 18 years of age.

We may change these policies at any time without notice.

Of course if you watch the whole thing you will soon see that the video contains NONE of those things cited.  Just excuses by Google seeing as how the only videos that ARE allowed are those containing anti-semitic hate speech and Ron Paul videos.

But I guess we should expect nothing less from a company that hires these types:

Schmidt’s political views were deeply affected by the Vietnam War. In
an interview with the Computerworld Honors Oral History Project in
2000, Schmidt said that he saw the government as something “that is
going to take you to a war that is illegal and kill you.” Despite his
years in tech-exec positions, he never shed this view, which helped
land him at Google. The founders said they saw in Schmidt both a
kindred spirit with an anti-establishment past and a clearheaded
businessman with the acumen and discipline to lead the company from
scrappy startup to profitable global entity.

While Goolag will do their very best to put up Halloween decorations while forgetting about Memorial and Veterans day and ensuring that only videos that promote their Socialist utopia are seen, we here at Flopping Aces will do our very best to counter them.

Here is Robert Spencers speech, its long but well worth listening to the whole thing. The beginning has a few speakers announcing the speech and they are a bit hard to hear but once Robert comes in the audio gets much better:

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