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We’ll lookie lookie.  It appears some white supremacists love them some Ron Paul.  This comes from Lone Star Times:

A investigation has conclusively established that a leading
figure in the American neo-Nazi / White-Supremacist movement has provided
financial support to Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential campaign.

The individual in question is Don Black, the founder, owner and operator of
Stormfront, a “white
power” website that both professional journalists and watch-dog groups have identified as the premier
English-language racist/hate-site on the Internet.


– Black proudly and openly identifies himself as Stormfront’s guiding hand,
and publishes a contact address on the Internet— PO Box 6637, West Palm Beach, FL, 33405
– A search by LST of public databases indicates that there is only one “Don
Black” residing in West Palm Beach, Florida, zip code 33405

– A 7/16/01 USA Today article identifies Black’s wife as being named “Chloe”

– That same article identifies Chloe as being the ex-wife of close Black
associate and former “Grand Wizard” of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke

Minutes of a 9/7/07 City of West Palm Beach code-compliance
hearing identify “Chloe H. Duke” as owning a residential property located at 203
Lakeland Drive

According to Federal Election Commission records, on 9/30/07
the Ron Paul presidential campaign received a $500 contribution from a Mr. Don
Black, who lists his address as 203 Lakeland Drive and identifies his occupation
as “self-employed/website manager”

Not only that but it appears his website, Stormfront, has widgets on the page that lead to donation pages for Ron Paul.

Shocker?  I think not.  You have the twoofers and militia nuts who love the man, not a stretch to have some big time racists mixed in.

What a candidate.

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