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Well, the Christian hating commie bastards are at it again:

issue of teachers and coaches praying — or appearing to pray — in front
of students is being hashed out in one New Jersey high school, which is
trying to ban its football coach from bowing his head and kneeling
while his players pray before games.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit heard arguments in the case earlier this month.

he wants to do is bow his head in the background,” said John Whitehead,
president of the Rutherford Institute, a group acting as co-counsel for
coach Marcus Borden. “There’s a mentality out there among school
officials that if it even hints of religion, it’s got to go.”

there are “clear guidelines” for student-initiated prayer in school
that grant students at least “minimal” rights, teachers “are being told
they really don’t have religious freedom,” Mr. Whitehead said.

case stems from an October 2005 policy at East Brunswick High School
prohibiting any school representative from participating in
student-initiated prayer.

The high school’s football players
have been praying before games for more than 25 years, and the coach
wants to continue to bow his head and kneel with them, according to the
Rutherford Institute. School officials don’t dispute that student
athletes have the constitutionally protected right to pray, but they
say coaches do not, because they are public employees, the institute

A U.S. District Court ruled in favor of the coach in
July, but that was challenged by the school and the American Civil
Liberties Union (ACLU).

It is quite sad that so many have
fallen for the lies of groups like the ACLU. It is sad that an
organization claiming to protect our liberties is attacking them.

Moonbattery at its best:

totalitarian moonbats have not yet been able to take away the right of
players to pray, coaches are alleged to be public officials not
entitled to the freedom of religion guaranteed by the First Amendment.
According to the ACLU of New Jersey, Borden’s silent show of respect
for God fosters a “destructive environment.” This satanic organization
has taken the case to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Wars have been fought over far less than what the ACLU is doing to this country.

From Stop the ACLU

the ACLU really gave a damn about the Separation of Church and State,
(They Don’t) and if the Separation of Church and State was actually
part of the Constitution, (It Isn’t) one might expect the ACLU to go
after Muslims and their rights.

But the ACLU won’t, because
they are Christian hating cowards. By selectively attacking one group,
and ignoring others, the ACLU has shown themselves to be nothing but
slimeballs and cowards. What else would you expect from a group that
defends terrorists and child pornographers but attacks Christianity at
any chance it can get.


“Communism is the Goal.”

Roger Nash Baldwin
Founder of the ACLU

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