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We all know the left loves to blame Bush for most everything.  They trip over a branch on a sidewalk and it was Bush’s fault for stealing the trimmers needed to beat back those branches.  We all know how it goes.  So you wont be surprised at this one:

Pirate attacks rise worldwide
By Tom Maliti – The Associated Press
Posted : Tuesday Oct 16, 2007 22:01:29 EDT

Kenya — Pirate attacks worldwide jumped 14 percent in the first nine
months of 2007, with the biggest increases off the poorly policed
waters of Somalia and Nigeria, an international watchdog reported

Reported attacks in Somalia rose rapidly to 26 up from
eight a year earlier, the London-based International Maritime Bureau
said through its piracy reporting center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And
some of those hijackings have turned deadly.

“The seafaring
industry is very concerned about this,” said Cyrus Mody, a senior
analyst with IMB. “There is absolutely no regard for law in that area.
Not only is it not good for business in Africa, but it blocks
humanitarian aid and is bad for the general stability of the continent.”

political instability in Somalia gave pirates “totally free rein
without any sort of deterrence from the law,” Mody said. “They’ve got a
free hand right now.”


Oil-rich Nigeria suffered 26 pirate attacks so far this year, up from nine in the same period last year.

uhc comment: Africom is about O-I-L folks. Long live the empire!

Eagle_Eye (982 posts) Wed Oct-17-07 07:02 AM
Response to Original message
1. Meanwhile bush has the US Navy hamstrung with operations in the Persian Gulf
Bush’s illegal war in Iraq is sucking up our military capability. The
pirates know there is not enough ships available from western countries
like the US, Britain and France to enforce International Law.

The pirates are having a field day. The problem is getting worse and
bush wants to keep the ‘surge’ going. The republicans need to be voted
out of office and some responsible Democrats need to take the reins.

Arrrrrr matey!

Meanwhile it’s been learned that as more men are forced into the pirate trade by Bush’s policies global warming increases:


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