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Powerline has a post up today that shows us just how much the Scott Beauchamp story has evolved.  From a story about a would be soldier journalist who made up stories of horror, to the story of a MSM outfit, The New Republic, stonewalling and outright lying to their readers:

On August 10, after assuring their readers that they had “not thus far
uncovered factual evidence (aside from one key detail) to discount his personal
dispatches” (the mistaken “key detail” made nonsense of Beauchamp’s “Shock
troops” column), the editors asked the Army to allow them, “or any other media
outlet, for that matter,” to speak with Beauchamp. This statement is
particularly galling in retrospect, as we now know that it is TNR — not the
Army — that has gagged Beauchamp. On September 7 “the editors” asked their
author to cancel interviews he had scheduled with the Washington Post and
Newsweek. Given their “commitment to the truth,” one wonders why they would make
such a request. But do they deny that they did?

TNR editor Franklin Foer and executive editor Peter Scoblic seem to think
that they can keep up this charade indefinitely, but it is only the indifference
of the MSM that has let them get away with it for this long. “The editors”
closed their August 10 update by saying that they “refused to rush to judgment
on our writer or ourselves” — virtually the only honest statement we’ve ever
gotten from TNR on this matter. But it should not be the last. At some point
they’ll have to say something on the subject, only then the questions won’t be
about Beauchamp. They will be about “the editors.”

The last known word from TNR on this matter was August 10th when they said that the Army was refusing them access to Beauchamp and that they wanted Beauchamp to have permission to speak to either TNR or any other MSM outfit.  The investigation was ongoing so no access was allowed except family.  Once the investigation was completed in mid August he was free to speak to whomever he wanted and on September 7th he spoke to The New Republic.

Five weeks later not a word on what Scott said to them. 

But we do know that interviews with the Washington Post and Newsweek with Scott were cancelled at TNR’s request.  Who is gagging who now?

It is no longer about Beauchamp its about The New Republic and their ongoing stonewalling and deception.