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The AP up to its old tricks again.  This time it’s another “massacre”: (h/.t Jules Crittenden)

A U.S. attack killed 19 insurgents and 15 civilians, including nine children,
northwest of the capital Thursday — one of the heaviest civilian death tolls in
an American operation in recent months. The military said it was targeting
senior leaders of al-Qaida in Iraq.


The military statement detailing Thursday’s air and ground assault said
soldiers were acting on intelligence reports about an al-Qaida meeting in the
Lake Tharthar region. The southern reaches of the big, man-made lake are about
50 miles northwest of the capital.

The American account said U.S. surveillance confirmed “activity consistent
with the reports and supporting aircraft engaged the time-sensitive target.” The
first air attack killed “four terrorists,” said the statement.

First attacked killed four terrorists, so far so good.  So where were the children at?  Oops, you have to read even further into the report to find that out:

The military said it then tracked some of those who escaped the initial
attack to a place south of Lake Tharthar. It said ground forces moved on the
site and came under fire
. Air support was called in.

“After securing the area, the ground force assessed 15 terrorists, six women
and nine children were killed,” the statement said. Two suspected al-Qaida
members, a woman and three children were wounded, according to the military

So al-Qaeda ran like the cowards they are, hid amongst women and children, and when ground forces came in al-Qaeda started firing which caused air strikes to be called in.

Now whose fault is this again?

Like in Haditha, it’s the fault of the enemy for hiding amongst women and children like cowards.

But not to our MSM.

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