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Didn’t get to see the debate due to work but have read up on it a bit.  It seems the consensus was that Fred did well, Rudy knocked it out of the park once again, Mitt held his own and the rest didn’t do much to advance their status in this race.  Ron Paul acted like a loon as he usually does and then we have Chrissy Matthews.  The man, the myth, the legend who loves the sound of his own voice. 

Ed Morrissey:

The first debate with Fred Thompson was expected to reveal whether
the lanky actor had what it takes to make a national run for the
office. Instead, it revealed Chris Matthews as a hack of the first
order, one who tried his best to torpedo Thompson — and failed
utterly. He got so desparate that he demanded to know whether Thompson
knew who the Canadian Prime Minister was — and he did. Matthews grew
so frustrated that he openly critiqued one of Thompson’s answer for
being too detailed, which prompted a scolding from Thompson.

That was the game behind the debate, and Thompson stomped Matthews into a laughingstock.


Rudy vs. Ron Paul. Who cares. Beating up on this Ass-Puppet For Ahmadinejad is
too easy and it’s no longer satisfying.

Mary Katherine Ham:

Fred was fine, but a little flat. He perked up toward the end, and I think will
continue to perk up as he gets more debates under his belt. He needs to attack
his answers a little more and fill up the time he’s given, but he left people
with a couple good laugh lines and good, basic assurances of his free-market
conservatism. Probably a win for him, overall.

Rudy was strongest for me.
He was optimistic, funny, comfortable talking about these issues. He thrives on
the little dust-ups with Romney and Paul, and continues to play presumptive
nominee by taking shots at the absent Hillary.

I appreciated McCain’s
unabashed defense of free trade on a stage with a bunch of hemming and hawing.
Well done, informed history lesson for everyone. McCain is generally good in
debates, but I’m not convinced this is a comeback for him.

Romney was
solid, but he’s gonna get hammered on his quote about letting “lawyers” decide
whether he goes to Congress about going to war. Too reminiscent of Kerry’s
“global test” moment.


Frankly all four top tier candidates did pretty well. Fred/Rooty tied for first.
Mitt/McCain tied for second. Rest….who cares–although Sam Brownback gets a
prize for the best “Smiling Bob” impersonation.


This debate was about Fred Thompson and how he would do and I believe that he
came out quite well, maybe a bit more than well. Overall I saw the debate as one
that showcased liberalism vs. conservatism with Chris Matthews living up to hype
as most likely the greatest partisan in media. Yet he landed no blows.

But NBC should really look at sacking this clown. Could you have imagined if
Britt Hume had been this way to Democrats at their debate? Oh, that’s right,
they can’t stand in the realm of ideas – for they have none – and as we’ve seen
in the last few weeks, they can dish it, but can’t take it.

Katherine Jean Lopez:

and the Winner Is…Fred Thompson.

He showed up — a big thing — and he didn’t do bad at all.

In order? Might look something like: Thompson. McCain. Rudy. Romney. ??

McCain continues to make a reluctant conservative take a second look.

Hugh Hewitt:

Giuliani and Romney win, going away.

I think Fred held his own huh?  Here is a video of different scenes from the debate, mostly dealing with Fred.  Including the one where Chrissy tries to insult Fred after his GM answer:


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