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Fishwrap has this up today:

Republican presidential fundraising has declined by 27 percent since four years
ago, and the Democratic presidential field is outraising Republicans by 63

Meanwhile, the latest polls show the leading Democratic contender, Sen.
Hillary Rodham Clinton, beating the leading Republican candidates: She beats
Rudy Giuliani
by more than 5 points, beats
Fred Thompson
by more than 10 points, and beats
Mitt Romney
by nearly 12 points.

As Quin
Hillyer tells Jennifer Harper
, things look “grim” for Republicans:

“I hear too much griping and not enough effort to find common cause
and work on behalf of that cause,” Mr. Hillyer said. “When everything looks
grim, that’s the time to let bygones be bygones and start

To which I have just two pictures:



Come on people, we have 13 months!

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