Posted by Curt on 8 October, 2007 at 9:13 pm. 12 comments already!

James Dobson on Hannity tonight and it was, well, embarrassing to see this man make a complete ass out of himself. (h/t Hot Air)

He made an ass out of himself by his refusal to acknowledge that a Hillary Presidency will hurt this country and his causes.  Its a smug blindness to reality.  At one point he actually says he could work with a Hillary.  Huh?

Looking at it from his point of view he appears to believe that if Rudy is elected, or Fred, then his movement is dead and will take a long time to recover.  While this stand is principled, it will make abortion more likely, not less.  Hillary gets in and puts a liberal on the court and you can kiss ever getting Roe overturned.  His refusal to acknowledge this is smugness to the nth degree.  Rudy may not be perfect for his movement, but its completely childish behavior to demand he get his way or no Republican gets in.

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