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When in doubt call on a anonymous source to help you sell a story.  This time its on Blackwater and the "controversy" the liberals are drumming up.  What caught my eye on this story was the use of a Anonymous source and what he said:

Critics of Blackwater say the security firm’s mistakes in Iraq while protecting U.S. nationals are evidence that the company cannot continue to operate in a shadowy world of lax regulations and little official oversight. But despite the public criticism of Blackwater, its main mission has been an overwhelming success. Not a single American official under Blackwater’s protection has been killed, U.S. authorities maintain.

Before a Congressional panel Tuesday, Blackwater Chairman Erik Prince defended his employees’ tactics and insisted his company was providing a vital role in Iraq. He said contractors risked their lives everyday to keep U.S. diplomatic personel safe.

"I believe we acted appropriately at all times," said Prince, a former Navy SEAL."We’re the targets of the same ruthless enemies that have killed more than 3,800 American military personnel and thousands of innocent Iraqis."

In light of the high-profile incidents, possible explanations for the company’s actions are emerging, including psychological harm such as post-traumatic stress that led to erratic behavior by some contractors.

"I have never heard of a company offering psychological counseling," a military contractor who works for another company said on the condition of anonymity because of his firm’s involvement with the Blackwater investigation.

"Blackwater might have a house shrink, but I’d be surprised if they do. Anyone who has spent more than a few months in Iraq is bound to have mental health issues," he said. "You put a bunch of jittery guys into a situation where everyone wants to bomb or kill Americans and that’s a recipe for a really bad situation."

Oh really?  To prove their point they then talk to two former workers and one psychologist who spin tales of suicide and mental breakdowns.  Of threats to go on a killing rampage to denials of treatments by the insurance companies.

It reads like a liberals wet dream.  Vietnam all over again.

The problem is that many of our soldiers who have spent more then a few months over there come home just fine.  Many go back for another tour and turn out ok.  Can war have an effect on someone, most definitely, and I’m sure some come back with mental health issues, but the way this piece is written you come away with the thought that every single human being that has set foot in Iraq is now about to go postal.

And thats baloney.

All in a days work for ABC.

The truth of the matter is that Blackwater has a tremendous success rate with not one fatality of a VIP they were protecting.  An outstanding success rate in a war zone.  Some Haditha type stories get thrown around and next thing you know they are getting vilified, just like the Haditha Marines did.  That story unraveled and 5 of the 8 are now exonerated.  But you barely hear about that on the news.

I have a feeling this will work out much the same.

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