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3393 have died.

They died fighting a dictator who [I admit it] considered himself at war with the US, but had never actually attacked the United States. Of course, when that dictator sits on 40% of the world’s oil…then aristocratic families in the White House are bound to come up with any reason to go to war; as long as it gets them their blood money!

3393 Americans will never become doctors and save lives, will never run businesses and feed families that build a nation. They’ll never teach subsequent generations, create and share unique art, and they’ll never add to American literature or culture again.

They died under a false pretense that they were fighting to free others and open the door to Democracy for those ‘oppressed’-I mean really, you canNOT force someone to vote, and if they really wanted Democracy they could have risen up and fought for it like Americans did in the Revolution

3393 Americans are dead because our President needed a war to pull this nation out of the economic toilet!

They fought for each other, they hoped to survive, and everything else…the mom, apple pie, and politics of Saturday night is just BS!

3393 Americans are dead because this nation was attacked by suicidal wackos who got the nation’s blood pressure up, and happened to have a ‘relationship’ with another ‘Axis of Evil’ power. COME ON! A relationship? There’s NO evidence at all of a "COOPERATIONAL RELATIONSHIP" BETWEEN THE TWO!!

We now know from British documents that intelligence before the war was being focused and manipulated to make the case for war almost a year before it started.

3393 Americans are dead! They died on June 6th 1944 Invading France to impose democracy on a people who should have risen up for it themselves, to fight a dictator who never attacked the US but considered himself at war with the US, and who had no operational ties to Japan-the nation that DID attack the US.

3393 Americans are dead now

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