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It seems smiling Al found another story to milk today as thousands of chanting demonstrators filled the streets of little Jena Louisiana town  in support of six black teenagers initially charged with attempted murder in the beating of a white classmate.

Ahhhh, wherever there is a race card to play, you can count on smiling Al Sharpton to be there to play it. I have long critiqued N.O.W. for caring more about killing babies and gay marriage then caring about actual abuses of women in the Muslim World, I find myself feeling similarly about the Civil Rights movement. Like N.O.W., it has devolved from its original mission and become so liberalized and politically correct it might have outlived its usefulness. Is there something to be mad at in Jena? Yes. However, the utter lack of outrage over the much more prevalent black on black crime and other major issues says volumes about the current state of the civil rights movement.
Are there two sets of standards of justice? Absolutely. But that runs both ways.  I guarantee had this been a black guy been the victim here, this would be a hate crime.  (Hate crime laws are by themselves discriminatory, as they assume crimes against certain groups are worse and deserve more punishment then others. The crime should be weighed the same in the eyes of the law, anything else is nothing but discrimination.) And now, these kids, the “Jena 6” have their pictures in the paper like they are role models. Has anyone condemned these kids for beating a guy until he was unconscious? Nope, liberals and civil rights groups don’t care about that detail. ( Should someone not serve some jail time? Had I did it, I would be in jail.)  Now Sharpton wants to march on Washington. What about all the tens to hundreds of thousands of black kids being killed by other black kids in our city streets? Who cares, because there is no race card to play as the crime is black on black. And what issue affects the black community more and would be a better use of the resources of liberal and civil rights group? Don’t’ ask a liberal or Sharpton, because they don’t consider the tens of thousands of blacks being killed by other blacks as an issue worthy of their attention. And to be only angry when discrimination, violence, and injustice is white on black and not black on white and black on black is by itself bigoted and a form of racism.

And now the whole whole town is being labeled as racists, because of what seems like a schoolyard fight, some dumb kids, and an overzealous (and possibly bigoted) prosecutor. Like the OJ murders and the Vick case, they are defended by the bleeding hearts simply because of the color of their skin. If the victim and perpetrator’s skin color was reversed, liberals would hardly bat an eye. Most in the black community defended OJ, and still have not apologizes for supporting a murderer. Many African Americans cheered when he was found innocent, and had zero sympathy for the almost decapitated victim, Nicole Simpson. This alone has brought about some resentment in the hearts of many whites. Was the original sentence in Jena excessive? Yes. But that is not my point. Both sides seem to have been influenced by race, and this in the end does neither side any good. Until people think about right and wrong irrelevant of the issue of black and white, racism will be a problem.
And the groups themselves are part of that problem, Sharpton is silent on the issues of the death of the black family, (thank you liberals) the devaluation of education in the urban community, and the negative influence of gang culture. Only Bill Cosby, a comedian, has been brave enough to tackle some of the real issues facing the black community. Sure, racism exists and it is a problem, but it is not just race guys. Racism was a lot worse decades ago and blacks were not killing each other by the thousands and they most likely had a dad in their family. And they were not incarcerated at the present rate. And don’t talk about slavery, because that was a lot closer to the age of slavery and again, the black on black killings, and the incarceration was a lot lower and more families had fathers. But don’t look for Sharpton to say much on that subject.
Even worse, by their very nature, I believe these groups contribute to the very problem they claim they were created to prevent. When you start off by doing (discriminating, in this case against whites by affirmative action) what you claim to be opposing (discrimination) you do nothing to solve your problem in the long term. I am tired of two sets of standards for two different groups. According to liberals, discriminating against whites and Christians is not so bad, (as we have it coming, see) but discrimination against gays Muslims, and minorities (some of who are the majority now) is much, much worse. You can’t have it both ways, it is either bad to discriminate or it isn’t. This is the same logic that makes liberals more outraged when a white guy beats up a black then when a black kills a black. This is the same logic that allows N.O.W. to march for the rights to kill babies and for gay rights but stays silent on actual abuses in the Muslim world. This is the same logic that allows liberals to march to support a relatively minor event when their own young are being killed by the hundreds of thousands every year. Which event hurts the black community more?  But that is black on black, so Sharpton does not care. It only matters if race plays a part, for there are no political points to gain on black on black crimes. And my friends, is why liberals never fix anything and often are more destructive then any white bigot to the black community. They won’t confront any real problem that violates their simple, politically correct view of the world.
Until the groups like the NAACP find the courage to fight the root causes of the plight of urban community, the current start of the black family is unlikely to get any better. All this just further illustrates the utter lack of any core principles in liberalism as racism (and discrimination, terrorism, violence, and oppression) is only bad in the liberal eyes if whites and Christians are practicing it. In the end, racism will never go away until both sides are held to the same set of standards. And as long as one side is allowed to discriminate freely, as long as the standard of right and wrong is influenced on both sides by the color of the skin, it just sows the seeds of hate for a different generation. Dr. King had it right. People should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. This is the only thing that will end racism. And for both sides it remains a dream.


Check out this story on Newsbusters in which the MSM start to blame Bush for poor race relations related to this beating.

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