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OK, Ron Paul Foot Soldiers: ….please damage-control and rationalize away this one.

From John Ziegler's KFI AM 640 interview on 9/11:

Paul:No, because we're over there and they get to kill us so much easier, while we're over there in their yard.

Zig:Wait, wait a minute. Get to kill…That's an insult to our military, Congressman. Get to kill us? You don't think that our military…

Paul: It makes it a lot easier to kill Americans when we're in their country than it is to come over here.

Zig:Wait a minute. It's a hell of a lot easier, to use your terminology, to blow up a mall, if they could pull it off, because people in a mall aren't armed.

Paul: But we have security…

Zig: So you're saying security guards in a mall do a better job than U.S. Marines in Iraq?

Paul: So far. So far they're doing pretty well.

Explain pleeeeease.

(This oughta be good….)

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