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So will this be all over the news as proof that the Democrat party are a bunch of losers and hypocrites?

Part 1:

YouTube Video

And Part 2

YouTube Video

Just give it a bit, the crying and sobbing, the insults of "brown shirts" and "hitlers" come after a bit , so its well worth the time to watch the whole thing. 

What is the video of?

Well, its Tennesee House Judiciary and Ethics Committee Chairman  Rob Briley, a DEMOCRAT (need to capitilize that seeing as how the media won’t bother to print this word), getting his ass arrested for DUI:

video of the arrest of House Judiciary Chairman Rob Briley over the weekend shows the Nashville Democrat alternately berating police and breaking down in sobs.

At one point a profane Briley asked officers to take him out to the woods and shoot him in the head.


Briley called the officer a Nazi and a brownshirt, then sang the first line of "Springtime For Hitler" from the Mel Brooks movie and musical "The Producers."

What a perfect bookend to the Hsu posts huh?   But at least he didn’t tap on a bathroom stall wall or anything.

Will the calls for his resignation follow?

Interesting side not, at one point in the video the cop tells him to "be a man!"  Something most Democrats know nothing about it seems lately.

My favorite part?

"You know, I do still live in America.  You’re not a fucking American, are you?  You’re a fucking German.  In America we have little things like the Declaration of Independence, the fucking Constitution.  WHAT IS MY CHARGE, OFFICER?!  You’re fucking Nazis.  YOU’RE ALL FUCKING NAZIS!  You’re all fucking BROWN SHIRTS!"

Me thinks he was a regular at KOS.

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