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Moonbat quote of the week (I know…the week’s still young, but still…):

 "How can you thank him (Petraeus) for his service when we’re slaughtering Iraqis every day?"

A protester is removed from the hearing room by Capitol Police. Linda Davidson – The Washington Post

It is fitting that the anti-war women for "peace" activists chose such a diluted color as pink for their trademark.  They are, after all, diluted of all sense and propriety.  Pink is a very weak color.

Antiwar "Code Pink" protesters demonstrate during the hearing. Protesters holding signs and yelling antiwar messages were removed from the hearing room throughout the day. Michel du Cille – The Washington Post

There is a time to voice one’s opinion  to be heard, and a time to sit down and stfu and listen for once.  Don’t have a cow, ma’am.  You might have learned something.

Apparently MoveOn.Org received a 61% discount on their NYTime add, sliming General Petraeus as " General Betray Us". Isn’t it nice how they "support the troops"?

If you can stomach it, here’s the  Codepink Blogspot.

Why on earth would you advertise this?

Do they honestly think that video makes them look good?

Here’s their version of events. You can learn the names of the protestors who received their 3 minutes of fame at Monday’s testimony.

Want more photos of these peace fascists? Here ya go.  The mother lode.  Use ’em and abuse ’em.

Gee….that’s so clever!  Isn’t it neato how I can replace the word "Generals", substituting it for anything I want (such as "pink peace fascists") and the bumper sticker phrase still rhymes? 

According to the Codepink blogpost, Reverend Yearwood waited in line for 2 hours with them, and it appears the good minister thought he was special, and could cut in line.

Here he is, getting his pink slip from the Capitol Police.

What a Kodak moment!   Aah, memories!

Credit for the photo goes to the pinko flickr album

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