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 Make yourselves at home. Thanks for visiting Flopping Aces. Our domestic policy is usually to treat our guests with as much courtesy as they give us.  With Paulbots, however, we might make an exception.

 I warn you: My intent is to ridicule and not to engage. I will resist being assimilated into the Ron Paul fan cult with every fiber of my being.   I mean, c’mon:  That "Revolution" banner you have going with the "evol" spelled backwards?   Which one of you clever fanboys thought up that one?  Yikes!

Take yourselves seriously in a post like this, and you will do yourselves a disservice.

I do have one question to Ron Paul minions: How do you guys do it? Appear out of nowhere, at the first typing of the words "Ron Paul" on a blog? I’ve seen it happen at so many conservative blogs.  I’ve seen it happen repeatedly here, on Curt’s posts.  It’s quite a phenomenon. Like chanting "Bloody Mary" 3 times in front of the bathroom mirror.

Anyway, feel free to poke around in the archives. There’s plenty there.  My favorites are the categories on the Saddam documents and Saddam- al Qaeda ties.  Some of what you find here might just be the deprogramming cure the doctor ordered.

Just remember: If you break it, you own it.

The Ron Paul cultists. Who are they?

Oh, and look : No anti-Americanism here, so long as we support Ron Paul:
Brits 4 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul
Belgians for Ron Paul

Wonder if I Google real hard, if I might find an IslamicRadicals4RonPaul blog?

Here are some examples of the Ronulan disruptors, hard at work:
Conservatism with Heart
Flopping Aces
Freedom Eden
This is my United States of whatever!

Just poke into the comments section to see examples of their spamming invasion. 

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